Fortunate Youth West Coast Cruisin’ Tour review

Fortunate Youth West Coast Cruisin' Tour

ATTENTION CAL-IF-ORN-IA! The West Coast Cruisin Tour is en route to a central area near you in Northern California and Mammoth Lakes, so you better pitch in gas money, and check out this Hirie and Fortunate Youth combination because there won’t be any other show which will allow these bands to perform so freely, so long! Well, maybe at a few festivals, or how Tribal Seeds did for their tour last Fall, but perhaps not as intimate a combo as these two are doing on this current tour!

Top Shelf Reggae had a chance to check out this west-cruisin tour at the San Diego stop after a band from the local area called Timothy H. woke the crowd up with some rock music! Hirie took the stage next as fans awaited her eagerly! From the moment she began her set with an intro’ by the band that built anticipation, to Hirie’s sweet vocals pouring out and flowing with the sweet reggae music behind her, fans got a treat from her debut self-titled album, HIRIE. Playing such songs as “Wiseman,” “Come Alive,” and “Sensi Boy,” Hirie sang her heart out, and danced the vibe she was feeling onstage towards the end of her set.

These boys play their hearts out

Fortunate Youth had an amazing crowd which sold out the show at a place called Winston’s Beach Club! The packed crowd listened to Fortunate Youth start with the first song of their latest album- which is also called, “It’s All A Jam.” Songs like “Skanking, “Love Is The Most High,” and “Jah Music” were treats from their CD Irie State of Mind with the crowd adding much energy to the song, “Love Is The Most High!” Fortunate Youth had a little trouble with sound at the beginning, but it could have been due to a faulty speaker box- which the establishment quickly fixed as the band continued to play songs from their latest album, such as “Positive,” “Ali’s Song,” and “So Rebel.” Fortunate Youth has a unique style of music- mesmerizing their crowd with breaks and tempos ranging from classic reggae to rock music! One can also tell vocalist, Dan Kelly adores the fans by the way he addresses them prior to each song. These boys play their hearts out, and what more could you want from a rockin’ reggae band? Perhaps, as the last song of the night is properly titled, (and sung with Hirie that night too,) “Peace, Love, and Unity.”

The West Coast Cruisin' Tour continues Friday night, February 7th in San Francisco, CA, and then heads down to Santa Cruz and Salinas before making their final stop in Mammoth Lakes. For more information check out Fortunate Youth’s website or, their social media pages.

Fortunate Youth 2014 West Coast Cruisin' Tour Dates

  • January 31, 2014: The Hideaway – Las Vegas, NV
  • February 1, 2014: Winston’s – San Diego, CA
  • February 2, 2014: Slidebar – Fullerton, CA
  • February 7, 2014: Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
  • February 8, 2014: The Reef – Santa Cruz, CA
  • February 9, 2014: Casa Sorrento – Salinas, CA
  • February 12, 2014: Volcom Party at Wave Rave – Mammoth, CA

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