Getting to know Omari Banks

Omari Banks is a reggae artist from the Caribbean – specifically, the island of Anguilla. Known more for his athletic career as a professional cricket player, Omari is also the son of renowned artist, Bankie Banks. According to the bio page of his website, he first performed onstage with his father in Milan, Italy at […]

Matisyahu’s Spain festival controversy

Recently, Matisyahu found himself under a sort of crossfire when an annual reggae music festival taking place from August 15 to August 22 in Valencia, Spain withdrew his performance on the last day! The festival reportedly supports a movement called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), which is an international campaign that begun in 2005 and […]

Musical Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend in California was quite musically filled for this So. Cali’ reviewer. While most reggae-rock supporters were busy camping and enjoying the fruits of the California Roots Festival in Monterey, this reviewer stayed down south and enjoyed the sounds of North Cali’ in the form of Arden Park Roots, while also […]

When reggae met hip hop: a love story

During this past California Music and Arts Festival over Memorial Day weekend, I had a moment to break away from the 5th annual madness to sit-in on Zion I’s exclusive press conference in the middle of Day 2. The meeting conveniently followed the group’s hour-long set on the main Bowl Stage – where thousands of […]

Fortunate Youth West Coast Cruisin’ Tour review

ATTENTION CAL-IF-ORN-IA! The West Coast Cruisin Tour is en route to a central area near you in Northern California and Mammoth Lakes, so you better pitch in gas money, and check out this Hirie and Fortunate Youth combination because there won’t be any other show which will allow these bands to perform so freely, so […]