Get “Caught Up” by The Olés’ new single

Get “Caught Up” by The Olés’ new single

Love can be quite the monster; it has a knack for affecting the mind in manners that we still don’t truly understand. It can leave you utterly infatuated with someone. It can leave you totally captivated by who they are and who they have the potential to become. You feel it so hard in those first few months of being together and you realize how much you never want a feeling like that to go away. A perfect song to capture that feeling is the latest single from The Olés, a mellow reggae tune for those late summer afternoons called “Caught Up”. This chill tune is doused in those ‘golden hour’ light rays and just feels like you should be cuddling up on the beach, watching the sun go down with the person you love. The new single was released in early June and is the fourth single released with the band’s updated lineup.

“Caught Up” is also scheduled to be on the bands’s upcoming album, set to be released soon. 

With a cooperative of musicians that is ever-evolving, The Olés have spent the last few years refining and maturing their music into what is now an unmistakeable and easily identifiable sound. The classic Olés vibe has taken on a whole new life: new members have added their own unique energy and musical story to the band, with incorporations like unforgettable, keys-focused grooves and inflections, to mellow beach melodies, to the crisp and skilled guitar driven reggae-infused rock we all know and love. With skills on display like that, the forthcoming album is sure to have something for all fans — old and new. 

Focusing on the newest single “Caught Up” for a second; like I said before, this song just feels like late afternoon summertime to me. It makes me picture myself standing on a boardwalk overlooking the waves with my arms wrapped around the waist of that special someone. Spending time together just watching the purples and yellows, the oranges and reds dance all across the ocean’s surface while the sun slowly dips below the horizon, gone from us until the morning… yes, that feeling. It’s a simple song that delivers its message in a format that fits, without distorting that message in any way. It is what it is and there is nothing wrong with that. Just like love, this song affects the brain in a positive way that we haven’t truly understood yet. And, also just like love, music as a whole has the potential to be just as powerful and moving. 

With the releases of “Out of Water”, “Barricades”, “Island” and now “Caught Up”, this newest album is shaping up to be some of the most dedicated and polished work this band has released to date. Its sound will be undeniable and will open the minds of anyone who listens to it. “Caught Up”, as well as all of The Olés other music, is available for streaming everywhere now.  

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The Olés – “Caught Up”

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