Get to know rising pop star Gerle

Get to know rising pop star Gerle

Trying to break into the Top 40 is a hefty ambition, yet one aspiring pop artist is well on her way. Gerle — a pop act in the same vein of past pop royalty, like Madonna and Robyn — has made major waves in the industry thus far, after growing up around the performance stage touring with her mother.

Pairing pop beats to humorous lyrics and subtle social commentary, Gerle is one musical force you simply can’t ignore.

Her songs have been featured on shows ranging from Jersey Shore to RuPaul’s Drag Race, even getting to work with legendary GRAMMY-winning producer ToneDef. Obviously, we wanted to know more about Gerle and what this rising star had on the horizon.

We love the humor in your music! What is the inspiration behind your unique pop persona?

  • G: Thank you. I think that if you still have your humor, then you still have your sanity and, these days, that’s an important check off the list.

What was it like working with ToneDef in the studio?

  • He has bad gas, so a lot of it was just making sure he kept on top of his diet and off the gluten. I guess being a musical genius means getting to let her rip whenever you want!

How does it feel to have your music featured on major network shows, like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Married To Medicine’?

  • It’s always pretty exciting to hear something you created playing, even for 30 seconds, while The Situation is deciding whether to tan or hit the gym. It’s definitely a moment.

What’s next for Gerle?

  • More music, more videos, more navigating these wild times! Hope to see you there. XO

Purchase or stream “Crush Gone Wrong (Stripped)” single:

Gerle – “Crush Gone Wrong” official video

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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