Glass House Point returns with airy “All to Rest” single

Glass House Point returns with airy “All to Rest” single

Glass House Point is an alternative rock band from Tampa, Florida, who immediately caught my ear in a sea of submissions due to their experimental vibe and ethereal sound. The quartet has been around for some time and are making a name for themselves as they continue to push boundaries in modern music through their lyrical content, introspective themes and powerful imagery. 

“All to Rest” comes just in time, as the world opens up and many people leave past versions of themselves behind.

We collectively, as a people, have decided to “leave it all behind”, as we embark on our individual futures. That future depends on what we are willing to let go of and what we are willing to “lay to rest” in order to build ourselves, our souls and our communities for the better. 

Teeming with hazy guitar melodies, driving chords and glowing harmonies, the band explains, “‘All to Rest’ wrestles with impermanence and the idea that everything eventually comes to an end. The song explores the experience of entering a new phase of life and processing the echoes of the past.”

I love that sentiment… we must let go and release the echoes of the past to move forward. This progressive indie rock track perfectly encompasses that emotion. “All to Rest” is now available on the digital outlets below.

Purchase or stream “All to Rest” single:

Glass House Point – “All to Rest”

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