WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Timesloth”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Timesloth”

HIRIE guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Blaine Dillinger is about to release yet another single on his own, under his highly-acclaimed collaborative moniker Dillinger’s Hired Guns. Top Shelf Music is proud to host the world premiere of “Timesloth” — a twisting instrumental journey through time and space. Incorporating reggae rhythms (and reggae friends) throughout the narrative, Dillinger crafts such an intimate experience of sensation and perception.

You know that time around 2pm that calls for a musical interlude between tasks? “Timesloth” is that buffer.

HIRIE co-pilot Matt Benoit joins Dillinger as co-producer of the track, as well as featuring his talents on drums. And, the friend party doesn’t stop there. Aaron Dugan (of Matisyahu) aids on guitar, taking off on a skilled solo in the middle of the track, while Jason J caps it all off with more masterful single artwork.

“Timesloth” is the third solo release for Dillinger’s Hired Guns this past year, following “Witchduck” and “Jellyfish of Love”. Obviously, Blaine Dillinger is building towards an anthropomorphic magical full-length of some kind, so we can’t wait to stay tuned for what’s to come! Be the first to tune into “Timesloth” below only on Top Shelf Music before the single hits all digital outlets tomorrow. For more information on Blaine Dillinger and Dillinger’s Hired Guns, make sure to follow the links below.

Exclusive premiere of Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Timesloth”:

Cover photo by CNI Covello Nash Images

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2 years ago

I could listen to this alllll day!!