“Go Easy” by Fiction 20 Down

Fiction 20 Down (F20D) of Baltimore, Maryland is employing their own twist on the world of reggae-rock music. In lieu of debuting their sophomore LP, the band pioneered a 12-step program (if you will) premiering a single, video or podcast once a month for the entire year of 2015 (#YearF20D). At the tail end of April, “Go Easy” was added to the growing list of 2015 F20D singles alongside March's “Love is It”, February's “Suburban Gangster (One Breath)” and January's bellwether track “New York Thing”. With four singles in four months, the band is on a roll when it comes to pleasing their fans.

With four singles in four months, the band is on a roll when it comes to pleasing their fans.

The track is a mellow one – kind of like floating on your back down a river, immersing yourself in nature to escape the troubles of society. “Go Easy” apparently is a reference to lead singer Jordan Lally's soothing inner monologue when conflict arises and needs to be resolved peacefully; if you interact on a “good vibration”, you elevate yourself to “a level where trouble don't exist”. Even though the lyrics are delivered in such a fashion that it blends spoken word with a hip-hop style, the instrumentals reflect more of a dub reggae sound. Thus, with calm words and a pacifying beat, the song instills a reassuring tranquility inside the listener – just “go easy”.

Now that May has begun, Fiction 20 Down owes another monthly installment in their #YearF20D project. Will a fifth single come to light? Or will the band throw their following off course with an alternative kind of release such as a video, tour announcement, podcast, etc.? Fortunately, fans don't have to wait long to find out.

“Go Easy” Fiction 20 Down

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