Griff Clawson reveals “2Lovely” sophomore single

Griff Clawson reveals “2Lovely” sophomore single

Stepping away from his usual collaborations, SoCal singer-songwriter Griff Clawson is working on blazing a path all his own as a force to be reckoned with in pop music with the launch of his new solo project. His completely self-produced, independently-released single “2Lovely” is available for streaming now! Written and sung by Clawson, his sophomore solo single finds a way to reintroduce Griff to the world with more of a melodic, indie-electronic vibe… a bit of a departure from the acoustic-pop debut single “Chasing Highs” that served as the introduction to his solo work just a few months back. Clawson states, “This song is really about that moment when you realize something is too good to be true, but enjoying it while it lasts. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about a moment in a recent relationship I had where I thought, ‘wow, as good as this is right now, I know it won’t last forever.'”

Clawson started at a young age, picking up his first guitar at 11 and writing his own songs. In just a few short years, he was selling out local coffee houses across southern California — spreading his truth with only an electrifying voice and an acoustic guitar.

With what could have been in 2020, Griff Clawson is turning to the future.

In a world without COVID-19, many in the music business were confident that his collaboration with EDM heavyweight ARTY titled “You’re Not Alone” would have been a summer main stage mega hit. However, in transitioning the focus of his career to independently releasing his own singles, Clawson is putting himself in the perfect position to hit 2021 in stride.

“2Lovely” kicks off by slowly building a very atmospheric melody that is fairly haunting, with the haunt continuing once Griff brings in his vocals. The emotionality of the lyrics is remarkably effective when it gets paired with such a simple, yet perfectly locked-in melody. “This [song] was designed to tug at the idea that sometimes things and people can look calm on the surface, but there’s always more going on underneath,” says Griff. “To me, [it] is an emotional juxtaposition of the push and pull between the ideal of a relationship and reality that inevitably brings you back down to earth.” That reminds me of another quote from a fairly famous TV show on HBO: “It is beautiful beneath the sea, but stay too long and you’ll drown.” You can have your head either in the clouds or below the sea, focusing on the simple beauty. Keeping your mind on things that may have been. However, without coming back to reality and addressing whatever is happening on the surface, you may drown. You may lose it all. 

The more you listen to Griff Clawson and his new single “2Lovely”, the more you start to really hear his truth coming out. He, like so many others, has a story to tell. Fortunately for him, it seems as if 2021 is putting Griff in the exact position he needs to be in in order to tell his story to the world. Make sure to follow Griff Clawson on social media to be the first to hear about new music and other projects dropping soon!

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