Murky Waters emerges with “Alone” debut single

Murky Waters emerges with “Alone” debut single

For fans of Still Woozy, Tyler the Creator and Dominic Fike, I feel like it is my responsibility to reach out to you so that I can put Murky Waters on your radar, just as he launches his new artist project with his debut single “Alone”, released independently. The skilled young LA-based crooner paints a vivid picture of his struggle in regaining independence from a traumatic relationship. About his debut single, “It captures the feeling of wanting someone so bad you drive yourself crazy, then losing them and falling apart, unable to shake the thought of them. When I was writing ‘Alone’, the melody came to me naturally as Ford Jones, my producer, and I were working on the beat. At that point, the words ‘I’ve been lost all alone; You broke my heart and left me helpless’ seemed to follow fluently. From there, the topic had sort of just established itself and I took my experiences and filled in the blanks.”

The emotions that bleed from this track couldn’t be more real.

For anyone who has experienced any kind of heartbreak, being left with the feeling of helplessness can be devastating. It sends us on a never-ending spiral down the rabbit hole of thinking what we could have done differently to make things work. A spiral usually ending up back at the beginning when things seemed perfect. Maybe you wish you never met this person, only to relive good moments and realize you were going to end up together one way or another. You knew that she was your “top one”. Murky Waters’ smooth, soft, simple vocals are intriguing enough to keep you on the hook for the whole story. He makes you actually want to know how he ended up where he is… how he was able to get himself back and regain some independence after being left alone and helpless. 

The backing beat behind those soothing vocals holds true with the style of simplicity that Murky Waters is keeping with. A drum beat that is very pleasing to the ears, accompanied by some mystic keys and a mellow bass line, elevating the story Murky Waters is trying to tell. It has a very somber tone, while somehow feeling uplifting enough to get you through to the next day. Hopefully, a sense of realizing that you’ll get past whatever is stuck in your head about whatever toxic relationship you just got out of — even if you were left heartbroken.  

I just so happened to be listening to “Alone” while writing this on a very rainy day and this song is the epitome of a rainy day; it fits perfectly with that funky jazz, ‘stare out your window and dream about anything’ vibe that comes with rainy days. Thinking about things that could have been, wishing you could go back and find a way to make things better, except, maybe you also realize that you don’t need to. Those lessons were taught to you for a reason. So, you can take them and move forward with a newfound independence that propels you into better days. Murky Waters does an excellent job of portraying that quest for independence in “Alone” and I, for one, am excited to see what the future holds for this bright young songwriter!

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Murky Waters – “Alone”

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