“Helping Hands” single by Revival

San Diego-based band Revival is increasing the hype for their third full-length album with their latest release “Helping Hands”: a slow dub track preaching unity, humility and equality. E.N Young once again employs himself as a powerful constituent, mixing and producing the track out of his Imperial Sound Recording Studio – an establishment rooted in Revival's hometown in Southern California. Thus, this track is truly the epitome of local artists supporting local businesses and vice versa.

this track is truly the epitome of local artists supporting local businesses

Making its debut on March 17th, “Helping Hands” encourages people of affluence to not only give thanks for their blessings, but also to recognize they live simultaneously beside the destitute. While “some people have it good”, there are many “unfortunate souls” who live in the same world – “both beautiful and so cold”. Therefore, Revival promptly states to “help your fellow man”, lend a “helping hand to your brotherman” and “rise through the strength of Jah” as you lessen the social constructs between prosperous and poor.

Even though it is undisclosed at this time when, and if, Revival will leak more of their upcoming album, it is conspicuous that the eight-member band is working hard to bring their music to the next level. Revival has continuously addressed social and political injustice within their work since their start in 2006; “Helping Hands” is yet another testament to the band's tireless efforts towards equal opportunity and tranquility.

Revival “Helping Hands” music video

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