“Trumpets” reggae remix by the Mystic Roots

The five-member Mystic Roots Band (MRB) hails out of Chico, California as a self-described “pop reggae fusion” group – a definition they've recently taken quite literally. It seems the MRB has hit the radio for inspiration, releasing reggae remixes of Justin Timberlake's “Mirrors” and Lorde's “Royals” for their own dubby fan base. Following in this fashion is the band's newest Top 40 adaptation: a reggae version of Jason Derulos' hit song “Trumpets”.

MRB not only alters the song's genre, but the quality of the track for the better.

Produced by E.N Young out of his Imperial Sound Recording Studio, MRB not only alters the song's genre, but the quality of the track for the better. The fact that MRB front-woman Katherine Ramirez takes over the lead vocals – originally sung by a man – allows the remix an even sweeter melody than before. Also added are bubble organ chord progressions, smoother horns, reverb on the snare hits and echos over the choral lyrics, all of which emphasizes a more psychedelic vibe over the initial simplistic harmony. Furthermore, Derulos' rendition calls out songs of Kanye West, Coldplay and Katy Perry (twice) in comparison to a woman's physical attributes; the MRB remix drops a variety of reggae names like Tribal Seeds, Tarrus Riley, J Boog and Beres Hammond. Ending with a beatboxing breakdown and a racetrack horn riff, the MRB's “Trumpets” so far exceeds its poppy prototype that it is almost laughable.

Click here to preview and download “Trumpets” for only 99 cents.

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