Highest Intention to release title track off forthcoming LP

Cali reggae band Highest Intention, quickly gaining a following for their smooth rhythms and feel good vibes, is back in action with the premiere single off their upcoming full-length album, Universal Light. The 16-track debut album follows the band's first EP and features the likes of Raleigh Neil (of Michael Franti), Paul Wolstencraft (of Slightly Stoopid), and KBong (of Stick Figure) among others. Set to be unveiled before year's end, the band gives reggae-lovers a sneak peak of Universal Light with its title track out on all major digital outlets November 4th.

“Universal Light” is so much more than a song – it's a social statement.

Yet, “Universal Light” is so much more than a song – it's a social statement. Blending traditional reggae sounds with jazzy elements, the track starts with a saxophone meets bubble organ pairing, setting an optimistic aura for not only the song, but also the subject matter. Let's “step into the light”, turn our backs on the dark socio-economical shadows we've cast in today's society and make the world a better place together. If there ever was a time to step up, this is it. Lead singer Ben Lowe casts a welcoming web for followers to jump on the CTA bandwagon with lyrics like “together, we can unite”; thinking revolutionary can only get you so far before you need to take action. And, action requires large numbers to take effect – “time to seize the day”! Highest Intention is, thus, taking their name quite literally in order to build a stronger foundation for our future generations. 

As the track progresses, a steel guitar plays over a deep, reverb-heavy bass groove on the bridge, meandering away from the happy-go-lucky instrumentals that had led the song previously. Then, right when feelings of slight anxiety begin to bubble up, the bridge flips to an island guitar sound, giving way to a softer, more relaxing tonality. Just through timbre alone, Highest Intention illuminates a juxtaposition of darkness and light. Fear and salvation is merely a state of mind. Let's stop playing the victim; let's become our own hero. A cutaway to drum and bass signifies how simple steps can be taken to get things in gear, before Lowe's lyrics come back in to reinforce the game plan. “United, we light up the sky”… the grass can (and will) be greener, folks.

As mentioned, “Universal Light” will be available for purchase and streaming as of the first week of November. Highest Intention plans on promoting a couple more singles ahead of the official album release and has a music video in the works, as well. To be the first to know when new music becomes available or for more information on Highest Intention, visit www.highestintentionband.com.

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