MoZaiq debuts with “Rootsy Roots” single

The Coachella Valley, home to many a music festival like Coachella and Stagecoach, is also home to a lesser known genre. Reggae might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the Cali desert, but roots reggae has become universal over the years. It’s ubiquitous. Celebrating its worldwide regime is the premiere reggae band to come out of the area, MoZaiq, entering into the scene with their debut single “Rootsy Roots”. The track off Roots Musician Records, featuring RMR Founder E.N Young and Hawaiian reggae artist Inna Vision, pays tribute to reggae greats whilst exhibiting the band’s own unique contribution to its history.

From JA to CA to the islands of Hawaii, roots reggae can be found.

With a smooth bass and funky chords, the track starts out downtempo with traditional reggae drums. A melodica bellows in the background – a signature sign that E.N Young is here. Harmonized vocals wail in the introduction in almost a haunting manner; horns heighten the chilling timbre. What’s so spooky? Roots reggae is inescapable. From JA to CA to the islands of Hawaii, roots reggae can be found. MoZaiq evidences this by name-dropping reggae legends like Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, before declaring their “California dreamin'” status and Hawaii’s Inna Vision bursting into the bridge. Reggae music, a “gift from Jah” from coast to coast.

This vibey rootsy track is now available on all digitals outlets and fans of “Rootsy Roots” can expect much more from MoZaiq to come! For more information, visit the links below and make sure to watch for MoZaiq to visit a venue near you soon!

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