HIRIE kickstarts their new album

HIRIE has officially done it: with ten hours to spare on their online Kickstarter campaign, the seven-member reggae collective had raised $42,944 towards their $40k goal – securing the necessary amount to cover all production costs for their sophomore album Wandering Soul. HIRIE's crowdfunding victory will not only green-light their upcoming LP, but will leave room for a subsequent tour similar to HIRIE's 2013 Kickstarter campaign that made their inaugural album and national tour possible. With Wandering Soul set to be released in March 2016, the band is ready to hit the recording studio thanks to the generosity of hundreds of reggae lovers.

The band's online efforts prove that anything is possible with the support of loyal fans

The band's online efforts prove that anything is possible with the support of loyal fans, all of which get special perks for donating. For example, sponsors of HIRIE’s cause that pledged $10 or more all get at least a digital download of the upcoming album whereas a $1500+ contribution will land die-hard HIRIE fans a full-band concert amid a plethora of merchandise like posters, T-shirts, album credits, and more. The cut-off to donate was September 9th and everyone who participated will receive their unique HIRIE rewards around the album release date.

In the meantime, HIRIE fans get to enjoy a brand new single! The track “I Wanna Be” can be misconstrued as a simple love song, yet it is more a tale of heated infatuation – and the melody will make you obsessed. Everyone is attracted to someone, and HIRIE wants to be “everything you ever wish for”… and more. With the “super heady” new album around the corner – as lead singer Patricia Jetton puts it – HIRIE fans will just have to wait on the edge of their seats for what's coming next.

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