How Kat Hall brings Muffin But Good Vibes

How Kat Hall brings Muffin But Good Vibes

Rising reggae roots goddess Kat Hall is not only someone you should have on your release radar, she is one of the featured artists at the upcoming Two Year Anniversary Party for San Diego bakery Muffin But Good Vibes! Joining reggae-infused hip hop group Katastro, reggae rock’s The Resinators and opener Alific (alongside Man of the Forests), Kat Hall is 100% going to bring the business to Little Italy’s Music Box on April 5th.

We were so excited for the show, we had to reach out for comment!

Since we were initially introduced to Hall at Reggae Rise Up Florida over five years ago, (doing backup vocals for Sailor Jane), it seems her solo career has really taken off. With the show right around the corner, we wanted to know more about Hall’s current projects, future endeavors and muffin preferences (just in case of a collab!!). Here is what she said.

How has the last five years, both personally and professionally, defined your musical journey as an artist?

  • KH: I owe a great deal of my success to other artists and friends that believe in my vision. E.N Young and Sailor Jane gave me a platform to sing my heart out, and I couldn’t have more respect for them and the opportunity for my voice to be heard. 
  • Since moving to Long Beach, California in 2019, I’ve met and collaborated with some fantastic artists and I’ve started a new band. In my personal life, facing a new city by myself was exhilarating and scary at times, but trusting in the unknown has led to an insane amount of blessings. 
  • In my opinion, there are way more creatives in California than Florida and I’ve been really fortunate to have met artists that have inspired me to be better and tighten up my music strategy. 

You have come out with some really impressive visuals for your latest songs. When it comes to your music videos, what does the creative process look like behind the scenes in regards to planning? Do you have a creative team that you would like to shoutout?

  • Thank you! I’m really stoked on my visuals, they mean a lot to me. I’m a huge fan of meditation and manifestation. The concepts for my videos come to me during moments of silence, where I let my mind wander and dream. I feel that music videos are the embodiment of the artist’s higher self, so that’s the energy I am channeling when picturing my music videos. 
  • For the “Chase No More” video, I had my friend Kat direct each scene after discussing my vision with her. She did an amazing job and added so many amazing elements, as well as outfits. She does creative directing for The Late Ones and you can find her work at Mint Street Vision.

It really does take a village, doesn’t it!? Is there any song that you have released that holds a special place in your heart and, if so, why?

  • It does take a village! I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve gotten from friends and family to make my dreams come alive. 
  • Right now, I’m excited about my new song “We Are The Solution”, with Nick Sefakis of Iya Terra. I wrote the lyrics and chords of the song on acoustic guitar, and he made a beat for it with drums, keys, bass and guitar, and then we had Glenn Holdaway add trumpet for the finishing touch. It always amazes me when producers take a small idea and make a masterpiece out of it. It’s truly magical! 

What I have really enjoyed about seeing you grow as an artist is your continued emphasis on sisterhood and community.

  • Thanks for noticing that I’m all about female empowerment. This is a huge passion of mine, because women are so underrepresented in the music industry. I want my journey to inspire other women to break out of their comfort zone and make art. 
  • I’ve also noticed that women can sometimes be catty and cliquey. I want to change that stigma and create a network of boss babes to change the world! 

Your sound is quite unique. What artists or bands would you say have influenced your sound? 

  • I am heavily influenced by R&B and jazz music — or anything soulful, really. My main vocal influences are Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. I love my reggae roots, but I’d love to branch out to Neo-Soul vibes and create a new genre. I never want to put my music in a box. Some other influences are Slightly Stoopid, Thievery Corporation and Anderson.Paak. 

If there was a vibe or a message that you want to get across through your music, what would it be?

  • That’s easy — UNITY. I want my music to bring people together. Whether you enjoy roots reggae, surf reggae, jazz, funk or R&B, I hope that you can stand beside someone different than yourself and feel a sense of community at my shows. Music is unique in its ability to transcend religion, nationality and age. I want to capitalize on this quality and use sound as a bridge between people of all cultures.

It’s so important for music to have a message, so thanks for sharing that with us. You’re originally from Florida and relocated to California. What brought you to making that decision and in what ways have you grown as an artist since the move?

  • Moving out to California was a no-brainer for me. Of course, it was difficult to leave my entire family and fan base, but it just FELT right. 
  • The reggae music scene — and the music industry in general — is much larger out here. My mentality was, “If I can make it in Tallahassee, Florida’s music scene, why can’t I make it in LA?” 
  • I’m a dreamer through and through. Moving 3,000 miles away sounded like a great challenge and I’ve seen so much growth since leaving my comfort zone. I like to say that everything in California is 100 times that of Florida. There are more people, more fans, more traffic (unfortunately) and more musicians. I’m lucky to have found a supportive, uplifting community out here that supports me. 

You just got off of tour with Sensi Trails. What advice would you give up-and-coming solo artists in regards to ‘tour life’ and ‘getting your feet in the door’, so to speak?

  • I’m a firm believer that upcoming artists have to ‘pay their dues’ to make a wave. That’s exactly what I did on tour and I’m grateful that I had my band to take on the journey with me. This industry can’t be pursued out of love for money; it has to be chased in the name of passion. Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and make sacrifices to get where you want to go.
  • I would recommend any band to go on tour, even if it’s scary. The amount of connections and lasting relationships I’ve made is astounding. I would do it again tomorrow if I could! I love the Sensi Trails boys. 

What do fans have to look forward to from Kat Hall in 2022?

  • I have a few new singles on the way! Look out, folks. Thanks so much for having me guys, see you on April 5th!

Thank you for speaking with us today. We cannot wait for your April 5th show at The Music Box with Katastro, The Resinators and Alfic ft. Man of the Forests! Be sure to follow Kat Hall on social media (and to follow her on your chosen streaming network), for all information related to upcoming shows, new music and more!

Attend the show:

Get your MBGV Anniversary Party tickets here  Music Box

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Muffin But Good Vibes links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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