How The Resinators bring Muffin But Good Vibes

How The Resinators bring Muffin But Good Vibes

If you’re a San Diego resident and a reggae lover, chances are you’ve been exposed to the growing presence of a reggae-infused bakery rising to the top known as Muffin But Good Vibes. If you’re unaware of MBGV and wondering ‘how the hell does a bakery infuse reggae??’, simply taking a look at their website or socials will tell you that Craig McKnight (owner and CEO of MBGV) is all about reggae-themed treats to help out reggae artists however he can.

Get ready for a tasty reggae celebration on April 5th!

Now two years old, Muffin But Good Vibes is gearing up for a royal reggae anniversary party at San Diego’s Music Box on Tuesday, April 5th, with several topnotch reggae artists on the bill! Not only that, but the event marks the first sponsorship opportunity between Top Shelf Music and Muffin But Good Vibes, so (of course) we had to chat with the featured artists to get to know their special relationship with the reggae bakery thus far. First up was The Resinators:

You guys have been one of the original partnerships with Craig of MBGV, how did that working partnership come about?

  • TR: Hey! Thanks so much for having us. We’re beyond excited to be a part of this event. Craig has been one of our biggest supporters and one of our closest friends since we moved down to San Diego about four years ago. We watched as he started the MBGV business: I think we just both saw incredible potential and passion in what we were both pursuing and wanted to do anything we could to help each other grow in our dreams and within the business/music scene.

How interesting! I never would’ve guessed. You just finished up a tour with Washington natives, Perfect by Tomorrow. Any tour spots you guys enjoyed most?

  • Yeah, we just finished up that tour about a week ago. It was a pleasure linking up with the PBT boys: we immediately got along and had a blast on the road together. We are always excited to get out to AZ and see our family and fan base grow out there, which is crazy for us to see how quickly it’s been growing since we only started touring out there a year ago.

It’s so awesome you guys have a career that allows you to travel the country! Speaking of travel, do you guys have any festival spots fans should keep a lookout for?

  • Getting our name on the big festivals and stages is a huge goal for us. We’ve definitely been in communication with some awesome names and events, but nothing I can announce as of now. Some dream festivals on our list are Dry Diggings Festival, SXSW, Reggae Rise Up and even getting back to our hometown of Eugene on the main stage at Oregon Country Fair. But… all in good time.

In my opinion, your band has been instrumental in the formation of the newest wave of reggae rock artists. So, I wonder, what bands influenced you when you first started? Are there any bands that have been a big influence on the way you guys operate?

  • We all have a lot of different influences which really help with creating a unique sound. But, collectively, we’re all incredibly influenced by bands like Incubus, RX Bandits, Circa Survive — just to name a few. Passafire has been an all-time favorite of ours. Not only are we influenced by their music, but by the way they operate: they are constantly touring, putting out new music, self-recording and are just hardworking dudes. 

If you guys were to have a vibe or a message that you want to get across in your music, what would it be?

  • One word or vibe that we constantly hear and try to bring to the stage is ‘energy’ — we strive to have the audience leave feeling energized and inspired. We all enjoy jumping around and getting the crowd involved… cracking jokes onstage and encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams and supporting those around you doing so. We only have this one life — time to leave it on your stage, every time.

It’s so important for music to have a message, so thanks for sharing that with us. You guys are originally from Eugene, Oregon and relocated to Encinitas, California as a band. What brought you guys to make that decision? And, in what ways have you felt you have grown as a band since the move?

  • Our hearts are definitely in the PNW. But, I think we had felt we reached a plateau in our music scene and wanted to get our foot in the door in something bigger and more competitive. We’ve all really learned a lot from the scene and bands down here; we’ve built a tighter sound, along with building a tight-knit team and family.

Fans know you love to create fun content, from your music videos to ‘ResiStudios’ to collabs with other bands. Do you guys have anything else in the works?

  • We have constantly been in and out of the studio working on our first full-length album. That’s where most of our focus has been lately. We are super excited to get this out to the people. BIG sounds coming your way!

Big ups to The Resinators for chatting with us! We cannot wait to see the band perform for the April 5th show alongside Katastro, Kat Hall and Alific (featuring Man of the Forests)! Be sure to follow The Resinators on social media and on your chosen streaming network for information related to upcoming shows, new music and more.

Attend the show:

Get your MBGV Anniversary Party tickets here Music Box

The Resinators links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Muffin But Good Vibes links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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