I Prevail announces two-part True Power Tour for Fall

I Prevail announces two-part True Power Tour for Fall

I Prevail announces a new North American Tour, True Power, with support from Pierce The Veil and Fit For A King! Yours Truly will also join them on the first leg, while Stand Atlantic will appear on the second leg. I Prevail has made a very heavy and impressive comeback to the scene with their new single “Body Bag”, their first release since their 2019 Album, Trauma.

Vocalist Brian Burkheiser says, “‘Trauma’ was a very reflective record.”

“I’d struggled with a major vocal injury and had been wondering whether I wanted to continue doing this thing at all. Eric [Vanlerberghe] had also lost his best friend over that same time, so there was a lot of heartache behind it. With ‘True Power‘, we were going into a new phase. After taking that trauma and figuring out how to channel it, you find this sense of newfound confidence and an ability to grow as a person — to become truly yourself.”

Burkheiser continues, “We took a ‘no rules’ mentality into the songwriting and a lot of it is heavy as fuck, but the songs sound as diverse as they’ve ever been, too. There is a song on the record called ‘There’s Fear In Letting Go’ and that became a huge mantra for us. Yeah, it can be scary letting go of things, but it can also help you take back everything that’s yours, which is exactly what we’ve done on this album.”

Hailing from Michigan, the platinum-certified and twice GRAMMY-nominated rock powerhouse I Prevail will release their third full-length album titled True Power on August 19th! This subsequent tour will be the first time Pierce The Veil has played since late 2017, as well! After some mishaps and allegations with former bandmates, the band took a hiatus. They’re finally back, though, and I’m so here for it! From the start, Pierce the Veil has made it a high priority to take their fan interaction to a deeper level; they are known for dedicating songs to fans and writing lyrics about the challenges from these individual stories. For instance, their song “Circles” was inspired by the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks and tells the story about two friends at the show and how they tried to save each other as the onslaught was taking place. Frontman Vic Fuentes explains: “I wrote the song as if I was at the show with my girlfriend or my best friend and shit went down. What would we be trying to do…? What would be going on in our minds?”

Pierce the Veil returned to the studio in September 2021, so hopefully we’ll be getting that album soon!

Fit For A King just released “Reaper”, their first new music since their 2020 album The Path. The song is actually insane! The intro of the song includes a ticking clock, which adds to the eeriness of it. The song is partly inspired by German TV show, Dark, which vocalist Ryan Kirby says he became “obsessed with” while they were in the studio. He comments, “The show really had me reflect on how finite our time on earth is — that we have no control, no matter how rich, religious or diligent. Time is truly the Grim Reaper.” The track is taken from Fit For A King’s seventh album, which is expected to arrive in fall.

The first leg of the True Power Tour kicks off in New Jersey on September 9th, making a stop at Blue Ridge Rock Fest on September 10th before ending in Chicago on October 9th. The second leg picks up in Las Vegas at When We Were Young Fest on October 22nd and wraps on November 22nd in I Prevail’s home state of Michigan. Tickets are on sale now, so get them before they’re gone! All tour dates are listed below!

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