Arkansas to welcome its first FORMAT Festival for Fall 2022

Arkansas to welcome its first FORMAT Festival for Fall 2022

Looking for festivals to fill your roster this year? Have you checked out FORMAT Festival… or even heard of it?? This brand-new festival in Bentonville, Arkansas is one you will want to buy tickets to STAT! The inaugural festival will take place this September 23rd through 25th and will feature not only a stellar lineup, but a new way to experience art. The goals of the festival are to encourage diversity, spark curiosity and build community. They plan on doing this by bringing over 80 musical acts, plus 24 — yes you heard that right 24 — visual, performance and instructional artists from around the world to help construct interactional experiences on the 250 acres of land they have reserved.

To top it all off, tickets only start at $300 for the whole weekend!

You may be asking yourself, ‘okay… music and art… those usually go together, but what truly sets this festival apart?’ One way is through the stages they are crafting alone. Unique venues like “The Cube” — an open-air, cube-shaped, multi-storied structure — act as a day and nighttime experimental spatial sound venue and include a revolutionary audio system titled D&B Soundscape. If that is not your style, maybe the “Drag Me to the Disco” is more your speed. This stage is a barn that has been converted into a disco dreamland, where artists will perform, vinyl sets will be played and even a drag host will entertain you. 

The crazy stages don’t even cover how fun-filled this festival will be. The lineup features top bands like Phoenix, Rüfüs Du Sol, Beach House, The Flaming Lips, Jungle and more! Not only do they have featured bands even your out-of-touch friends will know, they have artists for music junkies, like Thundercat, Palace, Disko Cowboy and more. With eclectic indie vibes, this will be the ideal festival to chill out and enjoy the summer as it fades into fall ahead of October. 

Like any great festival, it also features fan-favorites, like a food court… but, of course, FORMAT is going to do it with a twist. With local vendors, pop-up performance stands, festival merch and more, there will be so much to get lost in as you explore their “Bizarre Bazaar”. Not only is this going to be a cool place to hangout between sets, it will also be designed by renowned architects Charlap Hyman and Herrero. 

Another festival staple that FORMAT is flipping on its head is the main gate.

The main gate entrances to music festivals are one of the most Instagrammable and memorable places; it is where the fest greets you and the spot you look back over your shoulder after a fun weekend. FORMAT is inviting local artists to submit their own concept for the main gate to be chosen and crafted!

FORMAT is taking everything we know about festivals and making it their own, from dreamy venues, experimental soundscapes and light shows to bringing therapeutic workshops and new technology interactions. This festival is one you will not want to miss! Plus, how cool will it be to say you went to the first FORMAT festival in 10 years after the event becomes the new dream destination?

FORMAT Festival 2022 announcement video:

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