Ice Nine Kills: an introspection from a true metalhead

Ice Nine Kills: an introspection from a true metalhead

Do you like Ice Nine Kills? That seems to be a question everyone struggles with. Straight out of Boston comes another heavy metal band with tricks up their sleeves. Fronted by Spencer Charnas, Ice Nine kills is a band who gets their inspiration from literature and horror movies, such as 2018’s The Sliver Scream album, which gave us songs about horror movies, and The American Nightmare based on, you guessed it, Wes Craven’s horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you’re unaware, it’s a movie about a man with knives on his fingers. The album Savages is about the fictional Texas Chainsaw Massacre and, diving deeper into their catalog, I found the song “Hell In The Hallways” to be quite enjoyable (based on Carrie).

An Ice Nine Kills live show has all the band members dressed up as different horror icons.

Charnas is by far my favorite member, because you never know what he’s going to do during a song performance. Ice Nine Kills have lately been hard at work in the studio, working on the follow-up to The Sliver Scream, calling the sequel The Sliver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood. The leading single, “Hip to Be Scared”, seems to be an extension of what Ice Nine Kills did with the first album, circling the storyline around one my favorite thriller movies of all-time, American Psycho.

“To hell with good intentions // To hell is where I’ll go,” Spencer sings melodically, as the guitars get time to shine. The next single is out today titled “Assault & Batteries”; this one is about Child’s Play, a movie about a boy’s doll coming to life and attempting to kill everyone he knows and loves. Chucky just wants to ‘be your friend till the end’, after all… well, it doesn’t seem like it.

Ice Nine Kills’ early work was a little bit too scene for me, but when The Sliver Scream came out, I think they really came into their own, both commercially and artistically. When I saw them live at Warped Tour 2018, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I said to myself, “This band is the new face of the metal scene.” Spencer Charnas should probably change his name to Spencer Charming, for this is a band who can change their style, while still staying true to themselves. I think that is a message we can all get behind.

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Ice Nine Kills – “Hip To Be Scared”, ft. Jacoby Shaddix

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2 years ago

Incredibly proud of this one

Kristy Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Warren Litberg

We love it, too! Great work, Warren!!!