Knotfest announced for Los Angeles November 2021

Knotfest announced for Los Angeles November 2021

Knotfest, a touring metal festival from renowned metal heavyweights Slipknot, has announced an LA addition for 2021! Gracing the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on November 5th will be, of course, Slipknot, with direct support by Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Code Orange, Vended and special guest Cherry Bombs. Bring Me The Horizon has come a long way since releasing Count Your Blessings in 2006, an album you can say brought metalcore into the mainstream!

Metalcore is a genre that has its lovers and haters. 

Metalcore is a style of metal that is different from the many metal sub-genres, characterized by having high-pitched screaming with some growling at times. A band that does this extremely well is Bring Me The Horizon; led by Oli Sykes, this band has nothing but bangers. Their latest EP, Post Human: Survival Horror, is something that I wasn’t expecting. Aside from heavy songs, Bring Me The Horizon has started going into pop music and emo territory with this album, showcasing the growth and artistry within the band. It is an album of multiple genres — not one song is the same!

Since releasing amo in 2019, Bring Me The Horizon has gotten a spot at Knotfest, a festival run by Slipknot (one of my favorite bands ever!). Starting out in 1999 with their self-titled album, Slipknot deserves to be seen at least once In a lifetime. The self-titled album was filled with Nu metal elements — a genre that has rapping/screaming on some songs. Lead vocalist of Slipknot Cory Taylor is a monster onstage… the band has so much crowd control that whatever Corey Taylor says goes!

Knotfest is a carnival, too! Aside from music acts, the festival offers motocross and rides… at least, it did when it happened in San Bernardino. Slipknot has since brought Knotfest back to a new venue, The Banc of California Stadium, featuring a lot more than just Bring Me The Horizon and Slipknot: the aforementioned direct support lineup of Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Code Orange, Vended and Cherry Bombs. Vended is led by Griffin Taylor, Cory Taylor’s son and Cherry Bombs is led by Alicia Taylor, Cory Taylor’s wife. It’s sure to be a good time!

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2 years ago

Great article very informative! I hope to see an interview with each of the Taylor Family bands. Wow what a talented family! Even better I hope to see a video interview.

Kristy Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Dittie

We agree!