Introducing KELLSA

Brazilian native, KELLSA, has been traveling the world to share and make music since 2004 to follow her dream of becoming a worldly pop-rock reggae star. She spent a few years in Jamaica gigging and making her first single with local reggae producers in Kingston. She experienced early success while there by getting the opportunity to have a part in the Eagle Eye Riddim Medley, with big reggae names like Capleton and Elephant Man. Shortly after, she dropped her first music video titled, “If You Wanna”. This quickly went to #1 on the charts in Jamaica. 

With the plan to expand her fan base, KELLSA relocated to the UK to work on her first solo album, Fortaleza. She spent time touring places such as London, Barcelona, and Sweden before getting asked to join the successful reggae band from Brazil, Donaleda, as their lead singer. The band also cultivated great success by playing for huge festivals with crowds of 30,000+ people.  

KELLSA has influences from all different genres of music in her latest album

Just in the last year, KELLSA decided to bring her talents to the United States and linked up with Orange County locals, The Bredren. They toured much of Southern California and played at major venues like The House of Blues. Since then, KELLSA has branched out to focus on her solo career and her first solo album titled, Kellsa on Fyah. She just released a single off the album, “Shots of Tequila”, as well as a music video to go along with it.

KELLSA has influences from all different genres of music in her latest album. She includes everything from rock, pop, reggae, ska, and other influences that she has picked up while traveling the world. Some have even compared her to being the Gwen Stefani of pop-rock reggae music. In this new video, it takes about ten notes, six words and nine seconds for KELLSA to put you into another world on her astonishingly great single. The track opens up with a swinging beat that will get your heart pumping. KELLSA showcases not only her range as a vocalist, but her energy is absolutely vibrant and infectious. Her effortless vocals, classic yet unique sense of style, and memorable lyrics are all a telling sign of what a great success she will be in the US. 

KELLSA “Shots of Tequila” official video

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