Celebrate 420 with Peter Tosh

April 20th, probably more lovingly known as 420 by many, is today! A number of myths fanned out about its origin, perhaps the most popular being that 420 is the police code used to signify possession of marijuana—although it's not. The term was actually conceived in 1971 in San Rafael, California by a group of friends who met outside their school each day to search for a rumored plot of abandoned pot. Their chosen time to meet? 4:20.

Fast forward to 40 years later, Tosh's message is ringing louder than ever

Another more recent holiday that coincides April 20 is the International Peter Tosh Day. IPTD is a celebration honoring the GRAMMY Award-winning reggae musician, legend, and human-rights activist on April 20th. Landing coincidentally on the 420 holiday, IPTD pays tribute to Peter Tosh, who exploded on to the world stage as a solo artist with his 1976 album, Legalize It. Fast forward to 40 years later, Tosh's message is ringing louder than ever.

Tosh worked tirelessly to promote the legalization of marijuana, equal rights, and to expand Jamaica’s cultural and musical influence. To celebrate, sit back and relax… And love… And make yourself feel right by listening to this amazing “Legalize It” Spotify playlist containing tracks from Peter Tosh, Cypress Hill, Black Uhuru, The Wailers, and many many more!

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