Iya Terra explodes with “Ease & Grace” fire single

Iya Terra explodes with “Ease & Grace” fire single

Bringing straight fire out of the City of Angels, revolutionary reggae rockers Iya Terra are back, ready to blow through your speakers with their new smash hit single, “Ease & Grace”. This new track absolutely crushes and is only going to further cement this band as a staple in the reggae scene, along with promoting Iya Terra’s status to proverbial heavyweights.

While continuing to evolve alongside the world of reggae music, Iya Terra has remained distinguished in both sound and sustenance throughout their six-year journey.

The band does this through the creation of killer mashups, combing messages of love with traditional roots music, yet elevated into a more modern variation. The L.A.-based band has proven that a modern approach to creating conscious soundwaves can connect just as hard and have just as much of an impact on those listening. Skills and understanding like that has this band bound for infinite possibilities.

And, “Ease & Grace” is no different. While the influence of reggae is strongly present throughout the entirety of the track, the sharp precision of the drums and crunchy guitar licks add an aesthetic to the track that falls towards a more rock feel, without abandoning its reggae origins. This song is going to speak to so many. “Ease & Grace” has an aura about it, giving off the energy that everything will work out just the way it is supposed to. Lead singer Nathan Feinstein puts perfectly into words what the journey has been like when it comes to developing the band’s own path, singing, “I’m embracing the lessons // Counting my blessings // Trusting the process with ease and grace.” In my experience, those are some of the hardest virtues to hold onto. Mainly, trusting the process. So many times, we all want instant gratification, no matter what it is we are seeking. There is such an emphasis on ‘now’ these days that we have lost our understanding of trusting that the universe knows what it is doing. Things seem dark, sure, but without learning from the lessons given, counting the blessings we hold and always remembering to trust things will work out, we are never going to move forward as a society. 

Lyrics aside, Iya Terra has been able to really lock in with the music itself.

The sound they have been able to cultivate over their last couple albums shines through spectacularly in “Ease & Grace”. You can tell that the camaraderie and brotherhood in the band is stronger than ever and the way this track gets delivered does nothing but solidify that fact. It hits in such a powerful way. I first heard of Iya Terra a few years back, right when they were starting to hit their stride and it has been truly enjoyable to watch these guys develop and grow over the years. If you ever get a chance to see them live, it is highly recommended! I have been fortunate enough to have seen them perform a few times thus far, with the most memorable being an intimate acoustic set at a rooftop bar in Richmond, Virginia. Whether it be acoustically or as loud as your headphones will go, Iya Terra is about to blow the doors wide open with their new music, getting things started with “Ease & Grace”. 

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Iya Terra – “Ease & Grace”

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