Skanks Roots Project releases “Moonlight” party single, feat. Ikena Dupont

Skanks Roots Project releases “Moonlight” party single, feat. Ikena Dupont

NorCal collides with SoCal in the collaborative group Skanks Roots Project — a musical endeavor set in motion way back in the early 2000s. Headed by lyrical frontman DJ Skanks, SRP has released a myriad of reggae rootsy albums and EPs since their inception, all of which reflect the revolving group’s signature spoken word-meets-hip hop sound. Now, teaming with the vocal talent of Ikena Dupont, Skanks Roots Project reemerges for the first time in 2021 with “Moonlight”.

“Moonlight” will have you lit in no time.

If you ever had the pleasure to cross paths with DJ Skanks in life, you would know he is one enlivening source of revelry. Wherever you are, day or night, rain or shine — Skanks starts the party. And, his new single “Moonlight” mirrors just that. Skanks and Dupont outline a night on the town, with “no chance of darkness” in sight. By the light of the moon, “we mashin’ it right,” Skanks chants, which most likely involves “bottle service” and “rootsy babes skanking all night”. The grooving bubble organ and heavy bass lines balance ethereal synths, rendering one echoing dance track just in time for Spring.

“Moonlight” is now available on all digital platforms! For more information on Skanks Roots Project, as well as what’s next to come, make sure to follow the social links below.

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