J.Lately drops “Out The Window”, feat. GAVLYN

J.Lately drops “Out The Window”, feat. GAVLYN

Hip hop emcee J.Lately returns with a fresh take on living easy in “Out The Window”, the fourth and final single release ahead of his forthcoming Winnebago album set for March 12th. With the help from Los Angeles-based rapper GAVLYN, NorCal meets SoCal in this seamless track, like you’re cruising the grapevine on a sunny day. Yet, you’re not driving aimlessly; there’s always a mission at hand and more work to be done.

J.Lately proves you can hustle and grind with peace of mind.

Similar to underground rap group Living Legends or hip hop tycoon Atmosphere, J.Lately tells tales in his tracks — a bunch of life anecdotes set to a lo-fi mix. Sure, he’s still reveling in material thrills, “on the go with a joint lit”, yet he never loses focus amidst the haze. Switching to the female perspective, GAVLYN drops in the flow, giving blessings to “live another day” as she sheds “all the negativity” built up along the way. Life’s too short to add unneeded pressure to your shoulders. With grooving guitar and booming bass, “Out The Window” is the perfect dichotomy of carefree and determined, YOLO and in it to win it.

With the single by Trey C out on all digital outlets as of today via Unusual Suspects Company, fans of J.Lately — both old and new — only have to wait a few weeks for Winnebago. And, if you like this single, you definitely won’t want to miss this album. For more information, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream “Out The Window”, feat. GAVLYN:

J.Lately – “Out The Window”, feat. GAVLYN

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