Signal Fire x The Ellameno Beat fight against “False Reality”

Signal Fire x The Ellameno Beat fight against “False Reality”

There is a lot of misinformation going on. There’s also a whole lot of escalating tension as the United States get led more and more astray by those at the top. Divided, we stand. One nation, under siege, without liberty or justice in sight. What can we do in such uncertain times? We pull the wool from our eyes, America, and that is exactly what Signal Fire and The Ellameno Beat intend to do.

Teaming remotely, these two reggae bands have had enough of this country’s smoke and mirrors routine.

Signal Fire, a talented collective out of North Carolina, and The Ellameno Beat, a progressive roots band of southern Florida, didn’t let a silly little thing like a global quarantine stop them from making music, trading track parts back and forth virtually to render “False Reality”. The new single was produced and mixed entirely at Ellameno Beat frontman Reggie Froom’s new home studio — the first to grace digital outlets since its creation.

The two bands comment that their determination to collab stemmed less out of resourcefulness and more out of sheer civic duty: “I’m directly voicing my feelings and frustrations about the current state of society,” Froom asserts. “My statements are aimed directly at particular media sources, personalities, political figures, and citizens of this nation who have chosen to follow the lead of baseless conspiracy theory, and abandon any and all truth that does not serve their own self-interest.” Signal Fire frontman Sean Greggory adds, “Corruption runs deep and always has. I think in the age of social media and information we are just starting to see it surface more.”

Let’s fight the powers that be — for the sake of all of our sanities! Fight back against the “hate crimes” and the “blurred lines”; the deception is winning the more we buy into what we hear. If we stay idle, we will have a long, long road ahead to re-achieve any sense of ‘freedom’ as we used to know it. “False Reality” is now live on all digital outlets after its debut on Rootfire last week. For more information on both bands or to hear the single now, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream “False Reality” single:

Signal Fire – “False Reality” (feat. The Ellameno Beat)

Signal Fire links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

The Ellameno Beat links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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