Jack Hinson enlivens in “Journey Within” single

Jack Hinson enlivens in “Journey Within” single

Singer-songwriter Jack Hinson relishes life and the “Journey Within” in his latest single — the first of six he’s releasing over the next six months! Following two tracks that made it to Rootfire‘s ‘First Listens’ list, Hinson has now teamed with roots producer E.N Young to render “Journey Within” at Young’s Imperial Sound Studio in San Diego.

Upbeat and electrifying, “Journey Within” asks us to seek out what’s important in life and chase it.

Hinson enters this track with vigor — a fire lit inside him for a long time. With reverberating electro-meets-reggae instrumentals, Hinson details his cyclical path with lyrics like “I don’t know where I’m going again, but the trips keep taking me further”. Falling down the rabbit hole and coming out the other side brings clarity, especially when it comes to your passions. Whatever fuels you forward needs to be prioritized, otherwise “life in slow motion” can catch up to you and, consequently, deter you. Hinson knows better now. Leaving life mantras like “use this time, ’cause all the money in all world can’t make you happy”, Hinson urges others to “stay young at heart”, find your “peace within” and strive for excellence. Anything short of what you’re made to do on this planet is beneath you. Stay the course.

Jack Hinson’s hip hop-infused “Journey Within” is now available on all digital outlets via the links below. Make sure to follow Hinson on social media to be the first to hear more from this rising reggae rock artist.

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Jack Hinson – “Journey Within” lyric video

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