WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Blakkamoore “Mek It Play”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Blakkamoore “Mek It Play”

Hip hop-reggae artist Blakkamoore releases his highly-anticipated new single “Mek It Play” on October 30th, an entity only available off his forthcoming Upward Spiral Deluxe Edition LP with Lustre Kings out November 13th. You read that right: welcome to the world premiere of “Mek It Play”, one whole day of streaming before the single hits digital outlets tomorrow!

GRAMMY-nominee artist and producer Blakkamoore wants to meet you on the dance floor.

Let’s be honest… this year has been a bust. Yet, Blakkamoore isn’t ready to wave the white flag when it comes to a good time. Encouraging the deejay to “turn it up, make it louder”, Blakkamoore’s slow and sweet dancehall single will get you swaying on the dance floor. “Skank away your worries!” Blakkamoore chants. There’s good times to be had yet. This song is loaded with bass line for anyone to vibe to, speaking volumes of what’s to come in the full-length.

Blakkamoore comments on the single: “‘Mek it Play’ is one I did for a UK vinyl release, around the time [Andrew] Moon was working on a dub album called Digital Ancient Dub. Things kind of changed for that so I was happy to place it on this deluxe edition as a featured single. It’s really coming from the heart and soul fo. What classic dancehall culture is about. It’s like I am at the dance, hanging in the DJ booth and singing for the crowd. Old school, DJ and a singer, speakers and a mic, toasting to the crowd. Just an upful vibes for the people.”

Enjoy Blakkamoore’s latest jam below, as well as on all major music platforms tomorrow. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Upward Spiral — an album featuring Snoop Dogg, Akae Beka and more!

World premiere of Blakkamoore’s “Mek It Play” single:

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Samantha Daubenspeck
1 year ago

Str8 FYAH!!! 🔥🔥🔥