Jam with your fave bands on the road with Backstage Music Lessons

Jam with your fave bands on the road with Backstage Music Lessons

How many of you dream of jamming with a favorite band member? Not only that, but getting to do it at a venue before a show that you are about to attend? What a dream come true! That’s exactly what you get to do when you schedule a music lesson with Backstage Music Lessons, a company started by Kevin Offitzer, the talented drummer of Stick Figure since 2014. I recently got to ask Kevin a couple of questions, wondering the thoughts behind this genius idea. In Kevin’s words:

“One of my longtime friends used to always reach out to the drummers of his favorite band for lessons when they came through on tour. That planted the idea in my head to do the same once I was in a touring band myself. I went to college at Musicians Institute where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in music. I took pedagogy classes there, along with all my drum set studies and really gained some confidence as an instructor.”

“My main goal is to keep it really personal every step of the way…”

Kevin continues, “The first backstage music lesson I did was back in 2014, when Stick Figure was on a nationwide tour. I was pretty surprised at how many responses there were and [was] kept busy at almost every show with lessons. Thomas Cussins, president of Ineffable Music Group, was the one who planted another idea in my head to figure a way to open things up and welcome other musicians to take part in what I was doing. I just started Backstage Music Lessons earlier this year with my good friends and fellow drummers Gary (of The Movement) and Zeb (of Tribal Seeds). Once again the response has been great right from the start. Also on the team is Iya Terra, Joe Tomino (of Matisyahu/Dub Trio), Aaron Dugan (of Matisyahu), members of HIRIE, Of Good Nature, Kyle (of DUBBEST), with more to be added soon. I’m also working on some special events and bigger things moving into 2020.”

“My main goal is to keep it really personal every step of the way: from the way I add artists to the team to the management of lesson inquiries, booking and scheduling. The Backstage experience should start as soon as potential students initially reach out. I truly enjoy taking care of everyone, the band members and their students, and making sure they’re set to have the absolute best time with their lesson. [I’m] excited to keep things growing steadily and adding more likeminded artists and musicians who see the value in what we’re doing here. I’ve been at it for five years and can admit that it’s been just as fun and exciting for me as it has been for all the students that have come backstage for a one-of-a-kind music lesson experience.” 

So, there you have it! The website is up and available now for you to book lessons while a tour heads to your town. From experience, I know that Kevin’s communication between student and musician makes this a seamless experience. Many musicians have become a part of this and many more are to come. I know of one instance where a student just wanted to sing songs with their instructor, while others have taken a lesson just to learn about the recording process. Either way, it’s your lesson, which is the beauty of Backstage Music Lessons. Go ahead and book yours now via the links below!

Backstage Music Lesson band members offering lessons:

  • Kevin Offizer of Stick Figure
  • Jamey “Zeb” Dekofsky of Tribal Seeds
  • Chris Del Camino, Blaine Dillinger, Matt Benoit, Andrew McKee & Andy Flores of HIRIE
  • Gary Dread of The Movement
  • Iya Terra
  • Joe Tomino of Matisyahu / Dub Trio
  • Aaron Dugan of Matisyahu
  • Of Good Nature
  • Kyle Hancock of DUBBEST

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Doug Letchford
4 years ago

love this!!

Kristy Rose
4 years ago
Reply to  Doug Letchford

We do too! Hope you hit this opportunity up!!