Getting to know Point North at Welcome to Rockville 2024

Getting to know Point North at Welcome to Rockville 2024

Top Shelf Music got to have a nice chat with the guys from Point North at Welcome To Rockville 2024 in Daytona, Florida!

With over 200,000 music fans, this experience was simply unforgettable.

Christening the main stage on the first day, a stage later to be graced by none other than Mötley Crüe that night, the boys of Point North were full of energy to share their thoughts on the fest, their origin story, and what’s up their sleeves next.

So, how was kicking off Rockville 2024?!

  • PN: We love Welcome To Rockville. We were very excited to come back this year! We caught some of the Insane Clown Posse set that was pretty legendary. 

Tell us a Rockville story… what did you love best?

  • We love the camaraderie of the bands. It’s always so rewarding to see so many people listening to our music and showing up. It was pretty funny watching our contact guy fall out of the golf cart on the race track.

You left the fest to tour with From Ashes To New. How’d that go?

  • The tour was great. All the shows were really fun and energetic. [We’re] really grateful to have gone out with such a great group of people.

And you have more fests to go! Would you say your band is moving up to a new level of late? 

  • We love to play festivals and it’s really great to be playing so many this year. It’s some of our favorite memories as a band. I don’t know if we’re moving up, but that would be a really, really cool sentiment.

Your recent track “Bring Me Down” is getting huge props! Can you tell us about its inception?

  • I took a different approach to the production style and wrapped the song around a motif, melody, and sort of fit lyrics that I was feeling at the time. The heavy stuff came later, as the original demo was very poppy and less heavy. It definitely touches on people taking advantage and leeching.

So, what does the future look like?

  • We’re working on a tour for the fall and a new album and a few more festivals, as we spoke about earlier, so a pretty busy year so far… but there should be a lot coming out.

How exciting! As you move through summer, is there anything you want to say to your fans or artists out there?

  • Just a massive thank you to everyone that listens to our band and anyone that supports our journey. We love doing what we do so much and are so grateful to everyone that supports us along the way!

Thank you for the chat lads! Check out the band’s fall tour dates below and make sure to catch this band on the rise!!

Point North – “Bring Me Down”

Thumbnail photo by Alex Bemis

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