John Brown’s Body embraces SoundCloud

Did you know that John Brown’s Body had a SoundCloud page?  Crawl out from under that rock and head over there now. JBB has embraced and has fully taken advantage of this social media, audiohead platform used by not only by up and coming independent musicians, artists and producers, but professional musicians, as well. In this day in age, it is truly vital for musicians to adopt new mediums to not only market themselves, but to share what is absolutely important to them — music.

John Brown’s Body has been extremely active on their page as of late, making it one of the most followed reggae bands on SoundCloud with more than 760,000 followers and growing daily. You can find a variety of tracks on their page, from professionally recorded live performances, to dub remixes which are all really well done.

Head over to John Brown’s Body SoundCloud page and give them a follow.  Here are just a few notable tracks from their page.

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