The Autos debut “Trespass”, feat. Elliot Martin of JBB

Denver collaborative collective The Autos share their debut recording “Trespass” today on all digital outlets, following the track’s New Year’s Day premiere on Rootfire. And, what a way to start the year! 2020 has brought many challenges for all, yet hindered most were those trying to make ends meet in the art, music and film […]

Death By Dub delivers in ‘Resurrection’ EP

Death By Dub, a conglomerate of major music industry players, defines the cycle of reincarnation in their latest Resurrection EP. Within four songs (and a bonus fifth instrumental), Death By Dub explores the woeful sadness, yet anticipatory hope that death — and whatever happens thereafter — embodies. The unknown, the Big Sleep… one of mortals’ […]

Iya Terra’s Nick Sefakis debuts ‘Foundation’ solo album

Excellent news from Nick Sefakis, roots-reggae musician of the sizzling band, Iya Terra. Known for his superb guitar skills and fabulous vocals, Sefakis is excited to announce the release of his very own, self-produced full-length album he’s been working on for the last two years! At first listen, Sefakis’ musical talent shines through on Foundation, […]

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Kevin Kinsella “Among Them”

Founding member of John Brown’s Body and 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Kevin Kinsella continues to be a cornerstone for the American reggae industry. His accomplishments range from musician to festival founder, releasing new music in between planning Ithaca Reggae Festival taking place next weekend in Ithaca, NY! Top Shelf Music is proud to host the […]

Death by Dub’s second single “Birth of Giants”

You know a track is a good one when you’ve spent the last 10 minutes swaying your head uncontrollably, soaking up the rhythms and hitting the repeat button once the track is over. From the very first seconds to the ultimate finalé, there’s nothing except positivity and good feelings conveyed from the recording studio to […]

The Temple Rockers reveal ‘Festival of Lights’ holiday album

Judaism and Rastafarianism – an unlikely pair one might think – yet, musically and historically, they are a complementary one made for a holy musical matrimony. Reggae bassist, David Gould (formerly of John Brown’s Body), with his Ithaca-based band The Temple Rockers, along the likes of Jamaican singers Linval Thompson, Wayne Jarrett and Ansel Meditation, explore […]

Buddha Council ‘True Love’ album review

Buddha Council (BC) began to take form from the components of the Mid-Atlantic reggae scene in 2013. It all began with collaborations composed from multiple members of a vast multitude of backing bands and other artist groups. This co-creation of musical masterpieces gave birth to Buddha Council, who held steadfast to their own distinctive style […]

Cali Roots 2017: Day Three

Around Cali Roots Ballyhoo! Ballyhoo! Around Cali Roots RDGLDGRN RDGLDGRN RDGLDGRN Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Roots of Creation Around Cali Roots Jah9 Jah9 Jah9 Jah9 Jah9 Jah9 Jah9 Around Cali Roots Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie […]

A chat with John Brown’s Body at Cali Roots 2017

Kristy Rose of Top Shelf Reggae caught up with Tommy and Jay of John Brown’s Body outside the Rootfire booth at the 8th Annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival. JBB is still on the road promoting their Fireflies album that dropped in the fall, and Jay and Tommy talk about their favorite experiences along […]

Double Tiger announces debut full-length album

Double Tiger, or better known as Jay Spaker of John Brown’s Body has spent the last five years processing and writing his emotions. And now, he’s finally ready to share them with the rest of the world. His debut full-length album titled Sharp & Ready is set to be released on celebrated label Easy Star […]

John Brown’s Body “Hard Man Fe Dead” official video

This week, John Brown’s Body released their first official music video in their 20 years for “Hard Man Fe Dead,” the second single off their latest studio album Fireflies. The video which features Karim Israel from Arise Roots displays powerful visuals and heartfelt emotions that portrays the message of JBB’s respect for reggae legends. “Hard […]

John Brown’s Body ‘Fireflies’ album review

East coast based John Brown’s Body has built a name for themselves and has been creating beautiful music by bending and molding multiple genres and turning them into something completely different, original and unique to only John Brown’s Body. Released on September 9th, Fireflies is the band’s most recent offering, delivering a sound that lives […]

Gallery: The Emerald Cup 2015

John Brown’s Body John Brown’s Body John Brown’s Body John Brown’s Body John Brown’s Body John Brown’s Body Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth #weshouldsmoke Fortunate Youth #weshouldsmoke Fortunate Youth Fortunate Youth Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie Buddz Collie […]

John Brown’s Body announce fall tour

American reggae pioneers John Brown’s Body recently announced their 2015 fall tour.  The tour will hits eight East Coast cities before hopping out to the West Coast in December for stops in Utah, Colorado and California. Preparation for JBB’s 2015 Fall Tour finds the band fresh off an intense set of summer festival plays including […]