Jon Pattie sparks sentiment in “History” single

Jon Pattie sparks sentiment in “History” single

Nashville instructor by day, singer-songwriter by night Jon Pattie has been unveiling the second installment in his Reflections series over the past few months, continuing the emotional indie rock journey he began with his Reflections: Vol. I album of 2018. This extra special second series centers around darker themes than its predecessor; it’s a natural shift, considering how tumultuous 2020 has been. Yet, even laden with heavier subject matter, Jon Pattie’s music inspires us onward to be our best selves.

A commanding pop beats meets an uplifting acoustic guitar in “History”– a fine way to end the year.

Jon Pattie’s philosophy is quite encouraging: what doesn’t suit us should be discarded. It all will be our “History” soon. What’s done is done — there’s no looking back! Might as well move forward with vivacity and momentum. It’s time to manifest our own destinies “while we’re dreaming side by side”. In other words, never lose sight of your passions… they are the only things in life worth validating. All great accomplishments start with a positive outlook and a go-getter attitude, after all.

“History” is the third in five-song series that will eventually comprise Reflections: Vol. II, due out February 5th, 2021. Each of the singles will have accompanying videos, some already out for your viewing pleasure! For more information on Jon Pattie and his music, make sure to follow the links below.

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