Collie Buddz craves home in “Close To You” single

Collie Buddz craves home in “Close To You” single

Collie Buddz triumphantly returns in “Close To You”, a song about passion to round out an ultimately introspective year. As everyone hopes for a more blissful and prosperous 2021, Collie Buddz reminds us to count our blessings while staying true to ourselves in this upbeat new release.

“Close To You” joins a compilation of life lessons in Collie’s new music, rolled up into one enjoyable audible toke.

In true Collie Buddz fashion, “Close To You” gets the party started with enlivened beats partnered to a series of reality checks within its lyrical content. Balancing the ‘Good Life’ with responsibility… now that is the true Collie Buddz calling. The single off Ineffable Records was produced by Collie Buddz himself and J-Vibe — an unstoppable pair. Combining Caribbean reggae with soft EDM elements, “Close To You” is quite enjoyable for all… almost leaning towards a chiptune vibe, at times. With mellow mandolin-like acoustic guitar and ethereal reverb, the title track enraptures the listener from the get-go: “I’m on my way, just hold tight,” Collie Buddz chants. Who doesn’t love a man dedicated to getting back to his woman? Buddz ascertains that no destination is too far — no mountain high, no valley low.

“Close To You” is now available on all digital outlets and just in time for the holidays! The song is second in line to his recent “Planters Paradise” — an acclaimed single out last month, featuring the talents of Kamrun — and we can all hope that this music-making momentum remains high through the New Year.

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Collie Buddz – “Close To You”

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