Julian Marley comments on new album, ‘As I Am’

It’s been 10 years since the release of Julian Marley’s GRAMMY-nominated album, Awake. When asked if he felt any pressure to release another GRAMMY-worthy album, he confidently said he was not. As the ninth child of Bob Marley, music has been such a huge part of his life that he is constantly making music that speaks to him. With such a long hiatus between albums and plenty of time to write, it’s no surprise that there are 17 tracks on the new album entitled As I Am.

'As I Am' calls to reggae lovers of all kinds…

As I Am calls to reggae lovers of all kinds, as it carries an amazing variation of style from traditional roots to dancehall. Julian Marley’s inspiration in writing and producing this album comes from his time spent living in Britain with his mother, as well as the times we are now living in, his love of nature and God, noting tracks like “Straighter Road”. “Straighter Road” happens to be one of my favorite songs that speaks to me about the state of the people in the world today, on a personal note. There are so many internal and external pressures, and staying grounded can sometimes be a challenge for us. When I asked Julian how he manages to stay grounded and positive, he stated that his connection with nature, music and God keeps him rooted in a positive place. His British influences came from the great music movement of the era that was coming out of the UK at the time, like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, R&B and Punk. Julian has been playing with his band, The Uprising, since the 90’s.

On this new album, Marley collaborates with Shaggy, Beenie Man and Spragga Benz. Over the years he has collaborated with brothers Damian and Stephen Marley, among other artists. When I asked if there is anyone he would like to collaborate with that he hasn’t yet, he replied that he doesn’t plan those things; they tend to happen naturally and organically. Julian Marley and The Uprising’s east coast tour kicks off next week in Virginia. Select venues will have VIP packages with the opportunity to meet the band. He said that fans can look forward to fun-filled evenings that include early entrances to meet Julian and The Uprising, JuJu Royal products and As I Am CDs.

Check out the new album below. If you’re on the east coast, it's time to get your tickets! And, stay tuned for the west coast tour announcement coming soon here on Top Shelf Music!

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