Lissie at LA’s Largo at The Coronet

Lissie at LA’s Largo at The Coronet

A small, quaint theater with crushed red velvet curtains, soft white lights, a rustic upright piano, a mic stand, a stool and a glass of red wine. The intimate venue of Largo at The Coronet in Los Angeles was the perfect place for Lissie to kick off her When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospective Tour. Ecstatic fans, who purchased the meet-and-greet package arrived early for the chance to hug Lissie before the show. Shortly after, excited fans packed the small theater to hear piano versions of their favorite Lissie songs.

Coming back to the Largo was quite nostalgic for Lissie, as she had played the venue almost a decade ago.

Lissie, originally from Illinois, came to California by way of Colorado after being kicked out of high school. A bit naïvely, Lissie was sure she would make it in the music scene when she arrived in Los Angeles, making music that was deep and truthful with a voice that reflects raw emotions of those moments. Nearly one month after releasing When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospective, Lissie took to the strange sans her guitar, accompanied by spectacular pianist Jo Dudderidge. The Largo’s space was a perfect acoustic backdrop, allowing for the depth and reach Lissie’s voice can hit — many times not needing the microphone to have her exquisite voice heard. Jo and Lissie’s voices harmonized beautifully with each song.

Used to standing behind her guitar, Lissie was able to move freely about the stage, even coming down into the crowd! She graced fans with songs like “Don’t You Give Up On Me”, “Castles”, “Love Blows” and, of course, “When I’m Alone”. Quite the storyteller; Lissie shared that a lot of her inspiration lyrically comes from what she is going through at the time: heartbreak, sadness and moving from California back to the Midwest. Coming back to the Largo was quite nostalgic for Lissie, as she had played the venue almost a decade ago. As she performed, she reflected on her life’s path, being thankful for the journey.

Lissie is known for doing amazing covers of songs by Metallica, Lady Gaga, Drake and Prince. She performed amazing renditions of the Dixie Chicks’ song “Cowboy Take Me Away” and a Stevie Nicks tune. Not being behind the guitar and having the piano accompaniment gives Lissie the space to showcase the size and range of her beautiful voice. Being free to roam the stage also allows fans to be drawn into the story and go through the emotions with her.

You can catch Lissie May 3rd again at Largo at The Coronet! Be sure to check out the new album, as well, available on all digital outlets.

Article photo by Bill Reynolds; cover photo by Finn Deen-Lester

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