JULIANA. shines bright in “Burn” single

JULIANA. shines bright in “Burn” single

Rising pop singer-songwriter JULIANA. takes her talents to new heights in her introspective new single “Burn”. Although her debut single hit digital outlets last month “Call It Quits”, JULIANA. is far from novice in the music world. From singing onstage at the age of 11 to successfully passing through the notorious ‘Hollywood Round’ of American Idol in her teenage years, JULIANA. has put in an honest effort to be where she is today — and then some!

“Burn” is about the feeling of relief after overcoming incredible hardship.

JULIANA. comments on the single: “The song ‘Burn’ holds a lot of meaningful weight for me and for that reason, I couldn’t be more excited for the world to hear it. When I wrote this song a few years back, I was in the midst of an extremely difficult moment in my life. I was going through a depression due to my physical health being compromised, as well as ending a longterm relationship with the first love of my life.” JULIANA. adds, “I wrote this song as a breakthrough moment for me to symbolically ‘burn’ down any negativity I had harbored in the past and learn to grow into a more loving and positive-minded person who, in turn, became stronger from these difficult experiences.”

And, we all can relate. Someone has made us all feel “weak” and “know defeat” at some point in our lives. JULIANA.’s acceptance of her weakness renders her human and relatable — an entity in pop music overtly missing. She may have faltered, yet she doesn’t give up. JULIANA. is learned now: no one can get her down again, not with the inner strength she has gained from her past traumas. Time to turn it all around and start anew.

“Burn” is currently available on all digital outlets via the links below, as well as the single’s mesmerizing music video directed by Alec Griffen and edited by Yossuana Aguil.

Purchase or stream “Burn” single:

JULIANA. “Burn” official music video:

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