Surfer Girl’s debut single “Hero” hails political change

Surfer Girl’s debut single “Hero” hails political change

Aer frontman Carter Schultz is back in action — calling for an action hero, that is. Resurfacing from his last Aer release in 2016, Schultz debuts the first single “Hero” today under the new sobriquet Surfer Girl off Ineffable Records.

Surfer Girl might sound laidback, yet they are far from politically passive.

“Hero” has all the elements of a wondrous reggae-hip hop blend: a mellow beat, an echoing guitar, a mighty lyrical flow and, at the base of both genres, a call for change. Surfer Girl is fed up with what’s going on in this country, now that we’ve come to a critical apex in this tumultuous election year. Schultz attributes recent atrocities to lack of proper leadership, bluntly stating “our president don’t know shit, there’s no captain to steer the ship”. Surfer Girl further reinforces the idea that “change comes from within”, knowing full well that “the system is broken”. Time to “open up our minds”, people, before it’s another four years of hardship and divisiveness.

“Hero” is a testament to how music can still change the way we see the world, as we have yet to come together on our own. The single is now available on all digital outlets, the first of an eventual Surfer Girl EP to be released via Ineffable shortly.

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