Kaviedes hustles hard in “Get a Meal” single

Kaviedes hustles hard in “Get a Meal” single

Straight out of Toronto and Montreal comes Kaviedes: a hip hop artist, combining multiple genres to craft his sound. If Kaviedes were to be compared, he’s in the same vein as Lil Wayne, et. Al. Following two seamless singles “Mean” and “Brick By Brick”, this rising rap artist returns with “Get a Meal”, an ode to the hustlers.

It’s “all about that money” and the streets don’t sleep.

Kaviedes creates melancholy right off the bat, with downtrodden keys, EDM elements and a simple hip hop backing beat. Lyrics like “gotta hustle hard” and “chase that money” lets the listener know how hard he’s worked to be where he is today. For Kaviedes has been there… breaking the law just to put food on the table for the family. And, yes, that might involve weed; doesn’t mean he isn’t “blessed indeed”!

Never waving “the white flag” has made Kaviedes a success, not just in life, but in his music. You can hear the tenacity. Take his tales and make something out of nothing — for you can do it, too! Catch the latest single via the links below and follow Kaviedes for future releases.

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