Kimié Miner to release new album

On October 9, 2015 the Hawaiian and southern Californian singer and songwriter Kimié Miner will be releasing her long-awaited self-titled album. Since the early beginnings, Kimié has been taking her influences of reggae, soul, R&B, jazz and pop and mending them together to form a concrete foundation for her unique style.

“I am Hawaiian first, but knowing who I am has allowed me to grow, learn, and explore…”

“This album is a reflection of the lessons I’ve learned, and the happiness I feel being back home. I am Hawaiian first, but knowing who I am has allowed me to grow, learn, and explore the rest of the world.”

Her recent travels across the United States led her to collaborate with a number of artists and producers who helped her mold the shape of the album’s overall sound. Billy Van, a young producer from the Midwest who met Kimié while tour with The Green, collaborated with her to write and record “Trouble,” “Throwback Love,” and “Make It To Morning” all in under a week. The two worked so well together that Kimié brought Van to Hawaii to help finish the rest of the album.

The album relies heavily on collaboration. For example, the track “Love’s in the Melody” was co-written with Caleb Keolanui, vocalist from The Green. With Keolanui on tour and Miner in Hawaiʻi, they collaborated by sending each other voice recordings from their iPhones. Both having partners at home, the duo created a song about hearing a loved one in a melody and the ultimate power of music to generate intimacy over long distances.

Pre-orders of Kimié Miner are now available on

Kimié Miner “Bottom of a Rainbow”

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