Kyle Smith’s “Just Like Them” single exceeds expectations

Kyle Smith’s “Just Like Them” single exceeds expectations

If you happen to know who the f*ck Kyle Smith is, you would know that this man is always on the grind. Ex-drug addict turned clean, mean, music-making machine, Smith stands for productivity and drug awareness, pumping out reggae rock singles like nobody business in between self-promotion and, we’re guessing, possibly… sleep? It’s anyone’s guess if that guy ever gets more than a few hours a night.

If anyone were to drop 2020’s hottest reggae rock single, it’s Kyle Smith.

This man knows how to write a wicked song. Paired with drummer Scotty B and bassist Chris Nishida, Smith is simply unstoppable, specifically in the recording studio. After releasing his “Astray” single last year, Smith and Co. are back in action with the nonconformist anthem “Just Like Them”. For no one really wants their vibe taken down a notch by ‘what’s expected’ or the ‘status quo’, right?

Starting off with a dubby, talking band intro, “Just Like Them” is reminiscent of Sublime classics — in all the right ways. Comical interjections throughout the track take listeners back to the good ol’ 90s days: when bands added spoken excerpts in everywhere inexplicably… yet it worked. Remember the band Len?? In between melodic harmonized vocals these little gems lie, one in particular ringing the most true — hey bro, “you gotta take a nap at some point”. But, Smith remains unfazed, determined to do his own thing. “The jealous and the envious will run their f*ckin’ mouths,” Smith sings, so better be ready for the haters, especially when you’re on the right path. Ever notice that that’s when they all come out of the woodwork? Masterfully mixed and executed in surf rock style, “Just Like Them” stands as a testament to Smith’s tenacity and talent.

Listen to the new single by Kyle Smith on the digital outlets below, for you know — after reading this — you’re curious as to what the hype is all about. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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3 years ago

Kyle is such an amazing artist and person. This track has been jammin non-stop since its release. Such a good person behind these tunes!!!

Don’t forget the Keys credit on this amazing track to Paulie Dubs, keys for Stoopid!!!