Wes Anderson recruits ¡MAYDAY! & Trey Miller in “Red Cup Dub”

Wes Anderson recruits ¡MAYDAY! & Trey Miller in “Red Cup Dub”

Baltimore solo artist Wes Anderson has played for 20+ years — and sowed his musical oats in the reggae spectrum for over half of them! You might recognize Anderson as lead guitarist from Chicago-based band Shanghai Superstars or reggae rock band Fiction 20 Down or, most recently, Fiction 20 Down’s spin-off band, Big Infinite. Now submerged within the industry on his own, Anderson continues in the dubby reggae vein from whence he came, choosing to pair with other players to produce guitar-heavy, EDM-infused originals.

And, Anderson isn’t playing around with his guest appearance picks!

Past singles by Anderson include the likes of P-Nut (of 311), Lyrics Born, Ballyhoo!, Kosha Dillz, Marlon Asher and more. The first of his 2020 singles, “Mind Quarantine”, featured Ted Bowne (of PASSAFIRE) and Tommy Sickles (of Northface) on drums. Following up with a less somber vibe is Anderson’s second single of the year, “Red Cup Dub”: a summer anthem to light up the least favorable summer of all time — COVID summer. Yikes. If the general public ever needed a ‘cup runneth over’ mentality, it would be summer of 2020.

Joining Anderson on the track is Strange Music’s hip hop beast ¡MAYDAY! and Trey Miller (of One Life To Lead), not to mention flawless production by Howi Spangler (of Ballyhoo!) and Duke Sims (of Shinobi Ninja). What an all star cast, indeed. With a dub-rooted, funky horn, hip hop feel, the song starts off with guitar skanking and a fun-filled “I just need my red cup, red cup” echoing mantra. Let the party begin.

As ¡MAYDAY! unloads seamless lyrics and Miller ties it all together, “Red Cup Dub” is truly something that will get the “people bumpin'”.

Anderson comments on the tonality switch from his previously released tracks: “I never want to repeat myself musically, especially with back-to-back singles. I’ve never really done a ‘party song’ either and actually tracked the original guitar parts last December. So, once ¡MAYDAY! got on board, it was a no-brainer to finish this for a summer release. Their verses were exactly what I was looking for, but the song still needed a hook. Luckily, Trey knocked it out of the park, with the chorus and more rap verses.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourself. Be one of the first to watch the official music video for the new single below and make sure to follow Wes Anderson on social media for future releases.

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