Lindsey Stirling teams with Mako in powerful “Lose You Now” single

Lindsey Stirling teams with Mako in powerful “Lose You Now” single

We all experience loss in one way or another throughout this life, whether that be simply losing a game as a kid or the struggle of having to deal with a best friend moving away. But, the one loss that is truly inevitable and, without a doubt, stings the most is the loss of a loved one. Losing that connection hurts in a way that is incomparable to anything else. We end up getting left trying to find a way to move on without them. Figuring out how to ‘keep on, keepin’ on’ while cherishing all of the memories you were able to make together. Those are the exact emotions that platinum-selling electronic artist, violinist and multi-talented entertainer Lindsey Stirling and artist, producer and songwriter Mako have set out to explore with their new single “Lose You Now”, along with an epically moving music video directed and edited by Stirling, alongside Stephen Mallett. Inspired by Lindsey’s instrumental track “Guardian” off her latest album Artemis and written in memory of her late father and best friend, “Lose You Now” is an emotionally-driven pop song with all the flare of originality that makes Lindsey’s music so recognizable and relatable. 

“Lose You Now” spends its time exploring loss and grief, trying to piece together the broken mess of emotions.

Yet, the song never loses sight of its powerful message, convincing yourself that the person you love is never truly gone. You will find a way to keep them in your life somehow… be it the places you go around town or just the little small inside jokes that can randomly pop into your head. They will always be there with you, to pick you up when you can’t seem to stop falling down.

“This song was on my album as an instrumental song, but I always knew it was really special,” shares Stirling. “I am so grateful for Mako for the lyrics… because he perfectly captured the feelings I’d never been able to put into words. I actually balled like a baby the first time I heard his version. I felt like my father and best friend were giving me a big warm hug. Creating this song and the music video has brought me a sense of peace. The video is full of special memories and signs that represent the people I’ve lost. I used to have cereal picnics with my dad. Whenever I see a monarch butterfly, I feel like my friend Gavi is checking in on me. The little fox stuffed animal represents my baby niece, who passed away this summer. These little Easter eggs and many more make this video so special to me. Now, as we release it, I hope to share that hug and healing with the world. We can all use it right now.”

“This was a really special song for me to be a part of; I was so lucky to meet Lindsey while working on her recent album,” adds Mako.

“When word got to me that Lindsey was looking for a special vocal to accompany ‘Guardian’, I remember being so completely moved by the subject of the song.” Mako’s vocals, as well as his lyrics, add a layer of depth to the song that only drives the message home and really puts an exclamation point on a very personal, original and beautifully written song. “I’m really grateful to be involved in this and looking forward to sharing the message of this song with everyone out there.”

Lindsey Stirling and Mako are hoping to embark across North America (COVID-19 permitting) this summer on their Artemis World Tour, along with special guest Kiesza. For more info, visit the links below.

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Cover photo by Lindsay Fishman

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