Lake Street Dive drops second single off upcoming album, ‘Obviously’

Lake Street Dive drops second single off upcoming album, ‘Obviously’
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While anticipating the release of their new upcoming album, Obviously, beloved blue-eyed soul rockers Lake Street Dive have premiered the new single “Nobody’s Stopping You Now”, a letter of encouragement from lead vocalist Rachael Price to her teenage self, co-written with bassist Bridget Kearney. The letter acts as a beacon of hope for a bright future ahead. The single was released alongside a cartoon-style music video that does a wonderful job exploring the world Rachael and Bridget created with this beautifully done melody. As Price puts it, “You’re trying to express your anxieties, your feelings, your sadness, your happiness, all of these things — your authentic state of being in a song. But, you’re also trying to create something people will listen to over and over again. That’s the unique fun thing about music: putting these messages into three and a half minute snippets, dropping whatever truth we can and hoping it’s the type of thing that people want to ruminate on.”

Lake Street Dive has taken personal experiences over the years and the knowledge gained to write music which reflects a crystal clear image of this particularly turbulent chapter in our history. The upcoming album’s fifth track “Making Do”, released at the end of last year, speaks to the world we are leaving for our future generations to inherit while highlighting the lasting impacts of climate change and how it is our responsibility to address it now. The video features a cameo from Senator Ed Markey, who co-sponsored the Green New Deal.

“Nobody’s Stopping You Now” delivers a commanding presence right from the intro.

The new single draws you in by slowing everything down, before Rachael’s powerful vocals take over and you begin to travel through this expertly written story of self discovery and individualism. The song almost demands that the listener stays true to themselves, proclaiming as loud as possible that it’s okay to be you. Nobody is stopping you from accomplishing your dreams or even simply being yourself! It is your life — live it the way you want to. Do so while simultaneously slowing down to enjoy the moment. There is never anything gained by growing up too fast and forgetting to savor the small moments along the way. The strength of Rachael’s vocals aside, “Nobody’s Stopping You Now” does a phenomenal job of showcasing the talent of the band behind her. I am totally floored by Bridget Kearney and her standup bass every single time, along with the soothing rhythm of Mike Calabrese on drums, Mike “McDuck” Olson rounding things out with his trumpet and guitar riffs, as well as LSD’s newest full-time member, Akie Bermiss on keys — a touring member of the group since 2017. Listening to all of these different polished players coming together so seamlessly to form something truly unique has been remarkable and very enjoyable. 

Lake Street Dive is set to deliver their newest album in nearly three years in the release of Obviously, scheduled for March 12th via Nonesuch Records. If “Making Do” and “Nobody’s Stopping You Now” are any indicators of what the rest of the album will be, March will be a welcomed sight indeed!

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Lake Street Dive – “Nobody Is Stopping You Now” official video:

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