Long Beach Records LATAM launches state-of-the-art website

Long Beach Records LATAM launches state-of-the-art website

The punk rock label you know and love out of Long Beach has branched once again into uncharted territory of late — Latin America! After initiating Long Beach Records as a do-it-yourself, no contracts, no BS label in 1998, founders Michael “Miguel” Happoldt (producer of Sublime, et. Al.) and Greg “Mudd” Lowther (of Perro Bravo) decided it was dire time to take the label to new heights in 2006, expanding to Australia and Europe . With the fourth addition now in Curribadat, Costa Rica, Long Beach Records LATAM was born, proudly opening its doors back in April of 2019.

Not long after its establishment, the LBR LATAM label signed lucrative Latin American acts.

LBR LATAM’s umbrella is already grown since its inception, signing a myriad of talent to the roster, like Vinyl Head, Killer Diller, Kaiser Moon, Non Neutral, Syntagma, Extrasensory and Andres Cordero. Under the leadership of Managing Director Mauricio Mora, artists who sign with LBR LATAM are allowed all the services needed for success, including digital distribution and services, a state-of-the-art recording studio, a design laboratory (courtesy of LATAM partner Tiger Kiss Designs) and a team workshop to fulfill any instrument calibration, maintenance or repair needs.

Want to know more about LBR LATAM? Find it all on the new website!

LBR LATAM has officially debuted their gorgeous, multimedia website, allowing artists and fans to explore everything about the label at convenience. And, you can literally explore the new studio with the interactive online 360-degree tour! Make sure to click on drawers and cabinets — you never know what might happen! Along with the music from the label’s artists, the LBR LATAM website offers a merch store, a blog section and frequent, one-of-a-kind compilations exclusive to the LBR LATAM brand. The first compiler, Toma Uno, is now available for purchase or streaming, featuring Killer Diller, Syntagma, Cabeza de Vinil and more.

Even if you are not living in Latin America, it’s nice to know what is going on in the music industry around the globe. Long Beach Records LATAM is your source for up-to-date information on the biggest and best musical artists coming out of Latin American countries and Top Shelf Music is proud to partner with their endeavors. Stay tuned for more on LBR LATAM artists to come, but in the meantime, make sure to check out the impressive new website today.

Visit the website ► Long Beach Records LATAM

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3 years ago

Thank you Top Shelf Music for all the support! We are so exited to work together on spreading music around the world and creating a bridge between Latin America and this platform. Pura Vida from Costa Rica!