Machine Gun Kelly releases rap-style “ay!” with Lil Wayne

Machine Gun Kelly releases rap-style “ay!” with Lil Wayne

Machine Gun Kelly dropped another song from his forthcoming Mainstream Sellout! The new song “ay!” sees MGK returning to rapping… it seems this new album will be a combination of pop punk and rap, and I’m really excited. I had the biggest smile on my face while listening to this song for the first time.

“ay!” is fun in all the right places.

The opening lyrics to the song slap: “I wrote a letter to myself in the form of a song // I can play when the sun shines // I know better than to trust anything that I say to myself when I’m this high…” What I like about this song is that MGK is not afraid to speak his mind.

I’m not the biggest fan of Lil Wayne… being a metalhead doesn’t leave much room in my heart for mainstream rap. His lyrics are pretty indecipherable on this song, but I know that mumble rap is popular with the kids these days, so I’m sure “ay!” will get some radio play. Will MGK adopt more mumble rap as he segues back to his hip hop roots? I guess we will have to see upon the release of the upcoming album. There’s a song titled “Maybe” featuring Oliver Sykes (of Bring Me The Horizon) on it that sounds promising. We are only 10 days away from finding out on March 25th! The release of Mainstream Sellout will be 18 months since the release of Tickets To My Downfall. Wouldn’t it be amazing if MGK gives us one more single before release day??

Mainstream Sellout is available for pre-order in the meantime and you can reserve your copy of the album via the links below. MGK has these box sets made for the release, containing the CD and some really awesome merchandise. I must say my excitement for this album is through the roof and I can’t wait to hear it in full.

Purchase or stream “ay!”, feat. Lil Wayne single:

Machine Gun Kelly – “ay!”, feat. Lil Wayne

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