Mako Road’s “Helicopter” single will have you flying

Mako Road’s “Helicopter” single will have you flying

Psychedelic indie rock band Mako Road resurfaces with their latest “Helicopter” single and subsequent music video! The alt four-piece of Christchurch, New Zealand has grown to be a well-known name since their 2018 debut, when the band dropped not one, but two EPs — The Green Superintendent and Local Safari, respectively.

If you don’t know Mako Road, you will soon enough.

This electrifying alt act has not only garnered over 50 million streams on Spotify, they are selling out tours from Australia to Asia. Capturing the band’s essence is the music video for “Helicopter”, a recording from their recent sold-out Powerstation performance in Auckland. Unfortunately, the video bears a New Zealand copyright and cannot be viewed within the United States. Bummer. Luckily, we at Top Shelf are happy to describe the single in full detail.

“Helicopter” takes off with happy guitar chords and a funky walking bass line. Similar to that of Ocean Alley and Tame Impala, Mako Road relies heavily on echo and reverb to wash over their listeners as the song unravels. Danceable, delectable and thought-provoking, “Helicopter” details a relationship in the midst of launch — “have we left the ground” yet? Will we hover in mid-air forever? Will we travel the world without turbulence or are we “in for a rough ride”? All these uncertainties Mako Road points out in “Helicopter”, accumulating into a solid addition to their recorded works.

“Helicopter” is now available via certain U.S. streaming services and outlets, while more are available outside of the country. Although the video for “Helicopter” is kept hidden at this time (except to those in New Zealand), you can visit the band’s YouTube channel to get a feel for why the band’s popularity is steadily rising. Hopefully, in a future post-COVID era, Mako Road can make it out to the Americas!

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