Mango Furs drop “Shoes Untied” single & video

Mango Furs drop “Shoes Untied” single & video

Nashville-based band Mango Furs are rising the ranks of the indie rock scene, fusing together new psychedelia with that of 1960s surf rock — an American equivalent to Tame Impala, if you will. After bursting onto the public radar in 2019 with “Tangerine” and an EP entitled Inner Migrations, Mango Furs are raising the bar ever-higher in 2020 with their latest single “Shoes Untied” and accompanying video.

Mango Furs relish in living outside the lines of normalcy, an area occupying the finer things in life.

“Shoes Untied” starts with psychedelic static, trippy and disorienting, like landing in between stations on an old transistor radio. As the easygoing guitar melody eases in and washes over the listener like an ocean wave, the single’s true motif takes hold — love happens when you aren’t actively searching for it. And, it’s okay to walk around with your “shoes untied” while you find it. In fact, Mango Furs encourages it! With harmonized vocals and multiple layers of echo, the single is reminiscent of a simpler time… that of the 1960s California coastline. A time before electronics and terrorism, pandemics and pandemonium. When love conquered all. The music video for “Shoes Untied” emphasizes this point, utilizing distorted beach imagery as if watching an old home video found in the attic.

Lead vocalist Chris Higdon comments on the single: “To me, ‘Shoes Untied’ is a lysergic love song and there is something quite beautiful in how the blissful melody and chords are juxtaposed against the longing in the lyrics. I’ve always loved the romanticism in songs like George Harrison’s version of ‘If Not For You’ and I wanted to touch more on the ‘fall’ of falling in love and the viewpoint from that lens. We collaborated with video director Caleb Herring, who did a stellar job of capturing the nostalgia of the song in the video and I think it mirrors the tune quite well.”

“Shoes Untied” is now available on all digital outlets, as well as the music video! Be sure to follow Mango Furs for more new music, coming soon.

Purchase or stream “Shoes Untied” single:

Mango Furs – “Shoes Untied” official video:

Cover photo by Cain Barnes

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