WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jack Hinson “Heart Meets The Mind”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jack Hinson “Heart Meets The Mind”

Island reggae artist Jack Hinson returns in his latest happy-go-lucky single “Heart Meets The Mind” — premiering here today before hitting all digital outlets tomorrow! Masterfully self-produced, “Heart Meets The Mind” is the second single of six Hinson plans to debut within a six month trajectory. Whether or not these singles are leading to an eventual EP from the talented singer-songwriter has yet to be announced although one can assume an album is on the not-so-distant horizon.

In a year where everyone needs a vacation, Jack Hinson is here to bring the islands to us.

“Heart Meets The Mind” speaks to the climactic thrill of when logical reasoning is finally in favor of your passions… or when your head simply needs a break from the stresses of daily life. Hinson says “if you wanna go in the boat, let’s go” or “if you wanna ride with me, let’s ride”; in other words: by boat, by car, by foot — let’s get out of here! You can let your walls down, “you can be yourself”. Hinson provides a safe space for exploration and adventure, the likes of which we all desperately deserve in 2020. Whether it’s boarding a plane to an exotic island or just a mental getaway, “feel the warm sunshine, feel the freedom in the air” in Hinson’s new “Heart Meets The Mind” release.

Be the first to here the new single via the exclusive stream below and don’t forget to follow this up-and-coming artist in all his endeavors on social media!

Exclusive world premiere of Jack Hinson’s “Heart Meets The Mind” single:

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