Meet Hello Yes: a new project from Zhu members

Meet Hello Yes: a new project from Zhu members

Fresh from our release radar comes a brand new project Hello Yes, the brainchild of Mitch Bell and Aaron Leibowitz, otherwise known as the guitarist and saxophonist for GRAMMY-nominated world renown electronic artist Zhu. The two have toured all over the past four years, hitting the big stages at Life Is Beautiful, EDC, Lightning In a Bottle, ACL, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and so many others. Not only that, but you can hear them in collaboration with Jason Mraz, Emotional Oranges, Tame Impala and THEY. So obviously, it’s not these guys’ first rodeo. From the sound of their carefully crafted compositions to the way a saxophone run can just make you tingle, Hello Yes comes in hot with a sweet, sweet sound.

Their debut into the music world is accompanied with the release of their first single “belong”, a slenderbodies cover.

The incredible energy of the single comes from a connection Leibowitz and Bell had while working with Emotional Oranges. While collaborating, the idea came in with slenderbodies to cover their hit song “belong”. The duo takes the soft smooth vocal and light classic guitar from the original and transform it into an incredible melodic indie eclectic feel. We can hear an incorporation of so many fluent, but diverse sounds: horns, woodwinds, that light and airy guitar with a smashing vocal blend to put that *chefs kiss* on the sound. You’ll dance, you’ll feel and you’ll definitely be singing “G- Damn”!

What’s even greater is this is just the tip toe into what Hello Yes has to offer us. Their interpretation of “belong” is only a preview of what listeners can expect to hear, as the song completely embodies the soul and essence of Hello Yes. The duo have a debut EP coming this year (2022), which (in true artist fashion) is self-written, produced and performed. Be sure to give “belong” (cover) by Hello Yes a listen, out now via Gravitas Recordings, and follow these talented artists for updates on their new music releases! 

Purchase or stream “belong” cover single:

Hello Yes – “belong” (cover)

Links: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Website

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2 years ago

Super stoked on this project

Kristy Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Jesse

Us too!!

Grace Johnson
1 year ago

my love for life